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URL http://<holds-url>/<holdId>
Supported Operations Release
Parent Resource Holds


Represents a single hold for a job.

Keep in mind that open (or active) holds will have a null release date.


Parameter Details
f Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json

Example Usage

Example 1: URL for hold ID 12 of job ID 5 in the "Workflow" service on sampleserver.


JSON Response Syntax

  "id": <holdId>,
  "type": <holdTypeId>,
  "heldBy": "<userName1>",
  "holdDate": <holdDate>,
  "holdComments": "<holdComments>",
  "releasedBy": "<userName2>",
  "releaseDate": <releaseDate>,
  "releaseComments": "<releaseComments>"

JSON Response Example

  "id": 101,
  "type": 3,
  "heldBy": "cjones",
  "holdDate": 1230768000000,
  "holdComments": "On hold due to budget shortage",
  "releasedBy": "amiller",
  "releaseDate": 1231372800000,
  "releaseComments": "Received additional funding"