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Data Workspace Info (Operation)
URL http://<data-workspace-url>/info
Parent Resource Data Workspace


This operation is supported from 10.1 onwards.

Returns the properties and the list of geodatabase versions for a data workspace.

Starting at 10.1, this operation should be used instead of the data workspace resource for obtaining metadata on data workspaces and geodatabase versions. This operation includes support for data workspaces that are configured to use individual database logins.


Parameter Details
f Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json
user Required
Description: The username of the client.

Example Usage

Example 1: URL for data workspace info with GUID "{39FD6B70-DA49-4F91-BD9D-0F2F0A8FEC26}" in the "Workflow" service on sampleserver.


JSON Response Syntax

  "id": "<workspaceId>",
  "name": "<workspaceName>",
  "defaultVersion": "<versionName>",
  "versions": [
      "name": "<versionName1>", 
      "access": "<versionAccess1>",  // Valid values: esriVersionAccessPrivate, esriVersionAccessPublic, esriVersionAccessProtected
      "parent": "<parentVersionName1>"
      "name": "<versionName2>", 
      "access": "<versionAccess2>", 
      "parent": "<parentVersionName2>" 

JSON Response Example

  "id": "{39FD6B70-DA49-4F91-BD9D-0F2F0A8FEC26}",
  "name": "QA/QC Workspace",
  "defaultVersion": "sde.DEFAULT",
  "versions": [
    { "name": "sde.DEFAULT", "access": "esriVersionAccessPublic", "parent": "" },
    { "name": "sde.JOB_42", "access": "esriVersionAccessPrivate", "parent": "sde.DEFAULT" }