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Create Query Container (Operation)
URL http://<wmservice-url>/publicQueries/createQueryContainer
Parent Resource Public Queries


This operation is supported from 10.3.1 onwards.

Creates a public query container.


Parameter Details
f Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json
user Required
Description: The username of the person who makes the create query container request. The person must have AdministratorAccess Privilege to create public queries.
name Required
Description: The name of the query container to create.
parentid Description: The parent query container ID of the new query container to create. If no parentid is specified, the new query container will be created in the "PublicQuery" container as the parent container

Example Usage

Example 1: URL for creating the public query container named "General Queries" in the "Workflow" service on sampleserver. The person who makes the request is "admin0000". The new query container will be created in parent container with ID "1".


JSON Response Syntax

{ "Id":<containerId> }

JSON Response Example

{ "Id": 801 }