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Update Group (Operation)
URL http://<group-url>/update
Parent Resource Group


This operation is supported from 10.3.1 onwards.

Updates a group's properties.


Parameter Details
f Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json
user Required
Description: The username of the person who makes the update group request. The person must have "AdministratorAccess" privilege to update any group's properties.
properties Required
Description: A JSON object containing the group property values to update. At least one parameter from the list in below needs to be specified to update.

  • description: The updated description about the group.
  • email: The updated email of the group.



Example Usage

Example 1: URL for updating group Technicians with id "1" email in the "Workflow" service on sampleserver. The person who makes the request is "admin0000".


Example 2: URL for updating group Managers with id "3" description and email in the "Workflow" service on sampleserver. The person who makes the request is "admin0000".


JSON Response Syntax

{ "success": true }

JSON Response Example

{ "success": true }