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URL http://<wmservice-url>/tokens/parseTokens
Parent Resource Workflow Manager Service


Parses a string with embedded tokens. The string is returned with embedded tokens replaced by their actual values.

The following types of embedded tokens are supported: For example:
Parsing the token string "[JOB:ID] [JOB:ASSIGNED_TO] [JOB:START_DATE]" would return a result such as "401 demo 6/14/2012".


Parameter Details
f Description: The response format. The default response format is html.

Values: html | json
user Required
Description: The username of the client.
stringtoparse Required
Description: The string with embedded tokens to parse.
job Required
Description: The ID of the job needed to parse the token string.

Example Usage

Example 1: URL for parsing a string with embedded job start date token.


Example 2: URL for parsing a string with embedded job assigned to token.


JSON Response Syntax

 "output": "<parsed string with tokens replaced by values>,"

JSON Response Example

 "output": "10/2/2012"